Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok Lost Poems

  • 1.
    My monastery, where I'm badly pining,
    Is granite, melted by the burning mind.
    I'm strangled and blinded under this heat, lying,
    And leave it, trying a new cell to findâ?¦
  • 2.
    Halls grew darker and somehow faded.
    Grates of windows drowned in black.
    Every knight, every beautiful lady
    Knew the tiding: "The Queen's deadly sick."
  • 3.
    In the harbor passive,
    Just where green water calmly sleeps,
    Set in the column, strong and massive,
    Appeared navy's silent ships.
  • 4.
    In summer, hot, and winter, snow-clad,
    In days you bury, wed, or feast at home,
    I wait for easy, never ever heard
    Ringing - to free myself of devastating boredom.
  • 5.
    All perished, all! The sun, in flame and brilliance,
    As did it long before, the years' circle fulfils.
    A sorrow grave deplores the past existence -
    That was so beautiful - under the solemn hills.
  • 6.
    Into crimson dark thou goest,
    Thy vast orbits mock the eye.
    Small the echo that thou throwest,
    Far, I hear thy footfalls die.
  • 7.
    Why, why forever to the deadly line
    I'm pushed unpityingly by blows of the Fortune?
    Whether all this, including life of mine,
    Are only moments of the endless torture?
  • 8.
    In the sea of high grass you'll be sunk with your head,
    In the house - with peace come alongâ?¦
    She'll embrace with her arms, veil around with her plait.
    'Hi, my prince,' she will say, slim and strong.
  • 9.
    Spring breaks in rivers the ice-floes,
    And I don't pity my sweet dead:
    Having subdued my heights and roads,
    Forgot I winter narrow lows,
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