Where I lived when I was ten
I sometimes think of there, and then,
When I'm drowsing in my chair
My dozy thoughts go back to there.

I rest nearby a fireside glare
Glass in hand and here is where
I think of things I used to do
When I was merely eight and two.

This was when my world was new,
In the hours before I grew,
Out the door and down the way,
This is where I used to play.

When all the words I used to say
Concerned such things as came that day.
All the songs I used to sing
And all the joy that they would bring.

No more I live where I was king
Yet still the memories from there ring.
I've been aside so long a time
Yet still the memories from there chime.

So as I dream of days, sublime;
As recollections higher climb;
I sometimes, now, remember when...
And how I wish that I was ten.