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I seem to be having difficulty with this site - Don't know why. Thank you to the hundreds of you who have read my work, alas I shall not be posting again. Of course, my poetry can be seen over the internet for anyone wishing to read me - Simply Google me. Kind regards, Alan S Jeeves ...
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  • Wordsworth's Daffodils
    Far away over meadows, fields and hills
    Or through oak woodland which is ever sweet;
    Seeking out Wordsworth's golden daffodils.
  • The Baby Boomers Of Paradise
    Those were the days my friend, how blessed we were
    Although, in past quandam days, knew it not.
    Home to us was warm and dry, sound and safe.
  • The Cooling Cloudburst
    As lightning brights the meadow
    And thunder dulls the air;
    I feel it still,
    A stormy chill, ...
  • I Should O' Known (all Along)
    Were I wise I should o' known
    To steer a leery course;
    And felt the tumult wind had blown
    Its tempest of remorse. ...
  • Ten Summers Bygone
    Ten summers have passed since I wandered there last
    Though I've never forgotten the way.
    Many times, I have thought that maybe I ought
    Let tendency lead me astray. ...
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Dan Paulos: Is it possible to contact Alan? I would like to use his TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN in my
book about the Holocaust, GENERATIONS SHALL CALL THEM BLESSED. Thank you so much. [email protected]
Astra Atalune Wood: I like all of the poems that you wrote. Please don't stop writing!

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