It rained all day, it came to pass,
As I looked to the sky.
The droplets fell, like tears of glass,
Assailing from on high.
The heavy clouds were charged and full
They, laden to the brim.
The hazy day was dead and dull,
The air was dun and dim.

I marched along and braved the force
Of thunder on my head;
I might have skulked indoors, of course ~
I could have stayed a-bed.
But through the deluge, heaven sent,
My path I splished and splashed,
Forward through the flood I went
As on and on I crashed.

At journey's end I dried my face,
I'd gad the extra mile;
I dabbed away the rain to place
Upon my lips a smile.
It rained all day, it came to pass,
I see it all the more;
I fear not of the rain, alas,
It's rained all day before.