A willow trembles in the breeze
And stoops in awe as angels sneeze;
Quaking feebly to its knees,
Bending, doleful, if you please.

A day, as this, when squalls blow wild
The willow cries ~ as like a child;
Deserted, sad, forlorn, beguiled,
All aloof, left out, exiled.

Now her branches droop away
Blenching down throughout the day;
Keeping blusts of gusts at bay
Protected from the rainy spray.

Underfoot a lonely duck
Shelters in a babbling brook,
Dabbling in a shady nook
She, safe and sound, her haven took.

Then up above the daylight seeps,
In the sky the sunlight peeps;
Thankful for the path she keeps...
The trembling willow gently weeps.