Come Soon Fair, Mild, And Early Spring Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The oak and rowan slumber stillA
Reposing in their frosted bedB
Holding off the shivered chillA
Dormant docile all but deadB
Skeletons drab against the blueC
Leafless limbs up reaching highD
Clothed in sleeves of frozen dewC
Below them hidden secrets lieD
On the ground the snowdrops burstE
Early risers of the yearF
Contending to be blooming firstE
A fleetly winter's end is nearF
Premature the sunlight's raysG
Icy stalactites erodingH
Tumbling down a spectral hazeG
With leafy newborn buds explodingH
A feathered bird throng fills the skiesI
With warbled wonder aforetimeJ
Showing up in sweet surpriseI
Stepping out before its primeJ
And now a season bright and boldK
Marches on afresh and newC
Driving out the drizzled coldK
As spring has sprung before her dueC

Alan S Jeeves
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/22/2021


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