Let no one any sadness feel
It's just another day.
The sun arose this winter morn
And drubbed the night away.
The wind swirled round about the land
To rustle through the trees,
To bear the frosted ground a chill
And cause the earth to freeze.

Away, away, on yonder crag
Is where I used to tread;
And gazing round about the land
The music filled my head.
Where kestrels flew and hovered still,
Where curlews shrilled and smiled;
A booming bittern in the marsh
Would leave me quite beguiled.

The darkest night has called on me
And bid me close my eyes.
My weary heart is lying low
Upon this late sunrise.
Let no one any sadness feel,
This parting of the ways,
But celebrate this winter morn ~
My happiest of days.