I like to read, I like to write,
I want to be in house of white.
I like to read myriad of book,
As of a poet, I want to look.
I like to wear a comfortable shoes
At Covid time use mask and gloves.
I like the nature, I like the lands,
Strongest people with helping hands.
To sleep early, to get up late
Some of people dislike and hate.
I like to think, I like to dream,
To have my own airstream, (Airstream-Travel trailer)
I like the train and metropolis’ noise,
Children should have, a lot of toy’s
Appreciate, the airplanes flight,
It doesn’t matter, day or night.
Delicious foods I like to eat,
At hunger time all food is sweet.
I like to see rain in summer,
How it is good sound of drummer.
The beautiful flowers at early spring,
For our mothers we want to bring.
Snow in winter, we like to see,
Strong as fathers, we want to be.
We need to listen than to talk,
The bad character you should to block.
I cannot sleep until mid-night.
It is so good to see moon-light,
I like to see morning sunrise,
I want to be in Paradise.
To feel and smell the oceans wind,
The thankful heart you need to find.
I like the people and, their laugh.
Be positive, it is enough.