I could jibber-jabber
I could s.s..s...stammer and stutter
But they'll definitely hear my voice again,
behind the mic or over a recorder.

I could trip and flip-over,
I could stumble into obstacles,
Feel unbearably-bearable pains
from injuries,
I could tumble and loose my spectacles but I will never
loose sight
or my spot under the light.

I could make a mess,
I could fail a test.
One thing life can't stop me from doing?
Is forging ahead.

I could make a left,
Miss the right turn,
Make a wrong-call
Run into thugs that tell me
"One Chance"
If I don't end up dead?
I promise, it's not the end.

situations intense (but)
anything prior to the present?
Is already past-tense.
I'm a slave of evolution,
Chained by revolution.
To unleash the greater future
is a better sentence.

I could state my intents.
Let them call me "A Dreamer"
I rather chase dreams
than let nightmares turn me into
"A Quitter"

I could try to relent
but we all owe life a debt,
The day I fail to pay mine??
Could be the day that I'm dead!!!