I stood and saw when a mother cried,
Because her son had died.
He wasn't sick,
Nor had he been tricked.
Unselfishly he left his father and mother,
And went away from his sister and brother.
He moved away from his children and wife,
And never cared about his own life.
He did what he felt right,
And protected the nation under the stars' light.
He went to the war and bravely fought,
A sense of happiness and satisfaction is all that he got.
He died because he was brave,
Also his father had to design him a perfect grave.
I saw his father holding back his tears,
Because this was one of his fears.
He had posted a last letter,
Stating that he was getting better.
But unfortunately it reached them late,
And this was all that was left in their faith.
Months later they found,
A letter fallen on the ground.
On reading came out tears,
Because it stated-
~Aishwarya Iyer