She held beauty and grace
Like those from the tales
Beauty only seen on her face
Her heart was cold, her trail full of hate

Her whispers were vicious
Her words were poison
Her plans were ambitious
This got her a man, one she trapped in her prison

A summer or two then they were hitched
Confined to her rules he was tricked
He was heedless, this got him bewitched
He showered her with jewels, she got her wish

A year, two years ,a babe in her womb
Her breasts rose, filled with venom
Was the babe pure, no one was sure
One final push, the lady was a mom

Babe needed a mother
To mould him, build him, alas she broke him
But what could he do
His mom was a toxic brew

From the go she was shady
But her smile was still selling
Her words too compelling
Charm of a toxic woman