Undefiled Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The heart that beats inA
The dawn tells it allB
Wakening the sensesC
To its nurtured fistD
Just when eyes battle eyesE
Lips promise tomorrowF
Love declares tensionG
That soothing voiceH
Promising heartbeatI
Lightens up like the lump of a coalJ
What a love What a loveK
What an undefiled love it isC
Needs no thunder striking butL
The promising wordsM
With loving graceN
Love is undefiledL
When it meets no demandsO
And does not slumber over nightL
What a love What a loveK
What an undefiled love it isC
Which fulfills the quest ofK
The living before leavingP
Trying to connect to my mindL
Motivated by being againstL
An on demand millennial ageQ
What peeps through theR
That the heart givesS
What a love What a loveK
What an undefiled love it isC
That leads to the land of goldL
To the path yet to treadL
When the promises of lifeT
Was all wonder not dreadL
The tension from that Undefiled loveK
Has a mix of heaven and earthU
And has the heart of an AngelV
But guards it with a pitch forkW
This love which hasX
No rivalry where contest failY

Ahiable Alfred
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/10/2019


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Stanley: I really enjoy the this poem
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