Nitwit Cloak Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There comes a timeB
Where you have toC
Get out of your comfort zoneD
And act accordingE
what your heart tells youC
I never realized I was aloneD
Alone in the discomfort of liesF
Lies that left my heart brokenG
Broken to the facts that I now seeH
I never knew I was tiedI
Tied to the mesh of foolishnessJ
How could I not seeH
How could I not touchK
How could I not hearL
That the Nitwit s cloak was tied in my neckM
Never Never Never AgainN
Should I allow such an impudenceH
To take away my joyO
The cloak is gone andP
I m now all aloneD

Ahiable Alfred
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/01/2019


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Charles Atsina: Awesome. Soo touching.
You really spoke to me.
Cyril Nulley: It was if u were talking to me
Cyril Nulley: Ok come on now...Alfred so u had this beautiful talent and non of us knew
Akua Shika: Nice write up! Keep pushing dear...
Rejoice Addo: Nice piece bross
Kelsa Mysteries: Wonderful lines.
Fuese Christan: U nailed it bro♥️
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