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  • Grandma, Why Shut The Door?
    (A requiem for Late Madam Rachael A.Obadofin)

    GrandMa,why shut the door?
    Your folks can't hold this rue ...
  • Leviathan
    Twisty dragon,
    Your roaring ascends
    As noises of many rockets
    The whole earth quakes ...
  • Cup Of Poison
    Cut out your heart,
    Out in your hands, tear it apart
    You can drink this cup of poison
    Draining down its dregs and toxin ...
  • At 18

    At 18, I've lost my sleep for games
    And gave my fame to stupid nicknames ...
  • State Of Osun
    Better you stroll to and fro,
    Through the inland state of osun
    Boys running with dodo,smelling sweet
    Just like a coke stain on a Nurse's wear ...
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Head 12 Good 11 Long 11 Black 10 True 9 Great 9 Young 8 Sweet 7 Cold 7 Wise 7

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  • "Life that wins" means only a life lived on one thing:it is not achieved in heavy works,our much suffering,our sacrifices,but it is only achieved by our obedience.
  • "Life full of too much lilies, will wither too very young"
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In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: Part 071
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And madness, thou hast forged at last
A night-long Present of the Past
In which we went thro' summer France.

Hadst thou such credit with the soul?
Then bring an opiate trebly strong,
Drug down the blindfold sense of wrong

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