Oluwa(God) send down the rain

The plague is overkilling us

Send down the rain

Cleanse our iniquities

Purge all that is bad


Restore genuinely
Bring hope to our closet

Amidst the lockdown

Show us some sweet love

Relief us from the pain

And the punition that we deserve,

Mayest put an end ,so we reserve

Our mournful mouth to pray

Unto prayers,i build my lost hope

Secret as an i ,so wish whisper

Secret offerings to the Supreme Being

Grant the request of our heart.

Your boys ain't smiling

I want to be free once more

Got imprisoned by ugly pandemic

Hardship is the style of the day

The fight against Covid -19&20

Kept us humming &nagging

Where is the solution?

Is it the social distancing?

Or the voice of the wind

Oh heavens,! remember, hot hunger

That has eaten us slowly & deep sadly

I can't continue the sweet sour music

Oh Almighty have mercy on us!

Please ,send down the rain

To cleanse our sins

And prepare us for a better tomorrow

Happy days shall come tomorrow