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Adam Lindsay Gordon

Thora's Song ('ashtaroth') Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


We severed in Autumn earlyA
Ere the earth was torn by the ploughB
The wheat and the oats and the barleyA
Are ripe for the harvest nowB
We sunder'd one misty morningC
Ere the hills were dimm'd by the rainD
Through the flowers those hills adorningC
Thou comest not back againE
My heart is heavy and wearyA
With the weight of a weary soulF
The mid day glare grows drearyA
And dreary the midnight scrollF
The corn stalks sigh for the sickleG
'Neath the load of their golden grainD
I sigh for a mate more fickleG
Thou comest not back againE
The warm sun riseth and settethH
The night bringeth moistening dewI
But the soul that longeth forgettethH
The warmth and the moisture tooI
In the hot sun rising and settingC
There is naught save feverish painD
There are tears in the night dews wettingC
Thou comest not back againE
Thy voice in my ear still minglesJ
With the voices of whisp'ring treesK
Thy kiss on my cheek still tinglesK
At each kiss of the summer breezeK
While dreams of the past are throngingC
For substance of shades in vainD
I am waiting watching and longingC
Thou comest not back againE
Waiting and watching everL
Longing and lingering yetM
Leaves rustle and corn stalks quiverL
Winds murmur and waters fretM
No answer they bring no greetingC
No speech save that sad refrainD
Nor voice save an echo repeatingC
He cometh not back againE

Adam Lindsay Gordon


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