A Basket Of Flowers, From Dawn To Dusk Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


On skies still and starlitB
White lustres take holdC
And grey flushes scarletD
And red flashes goldC
And sun glories coverE
The rose shed above herE
Like lover and loverE
They flame and unfoldC
Still bloom in the gardenF
Green grass plot fresh lawnA
Though pasture lands hardenF
And drought fissures yawnA
While leaves not a few fallG
Let rose leaves for you fallG
Leaves pearl strung with dew fallG
And gold shot with dawnA
Does the grass plot rememberE
The fall of your feetH
In autumn's red emberE
When drought leagues with heatH
When the last of the rosesI
Despairingly closesI
In the lull that reposesI
Ere storm winds wax fleetH
Love's melodies languishJ
In Chastelard's strainK
And Abelard's anguishJ
Is love's pleasant painK
And Sappho rehearsesI
Love's blessings and cursesI
In passionate versesI
Again and againL
And I I have heard ofM
All these long agoN
Yet never one word ofM
Their song lore I knowN
Not under my fingerE
In songs of the singerE
Love's litanies lingerE
Love's rhapsodies flowN
Fresh flowers in a basketD
An offering to youO
Though you did not ask itB
Unbidden I strewO
With heat and drought strivingP
Some blossoms still livingP
May render thanksgivingP
For dawn and for dewO
The garlands I gatherE
The rhymes I string fastQ
Are hurriedly ratherE
Than heedlessly castQ
Yon tree's shady awningP
Is short'ning and warningP
Far spent is the morningP
And I must ride fastQ
Songs empty yet airyR
I've striven to writeS
For failure dear MaryR
Forgive me Good nightS
Songs and flowers may beset youO
I can only regret youO
While the soil where I met youO
Recedes from my sightS
For the sake of past hoursI
For the love of old timesI
Take A Basket of FlowersI
And a bundle of rhymesI
Though all the bloom perishJ
E'en your hand can cherishJ
While churlish and bearishJ
The verse jingle chimesI
And Eastward by Nor'wardT
Looms sadly my trackU
And I must ride forwardV
And still I look backU
Look back ah how vainlyR
For while I see plainlyR
My hands on the reins lieW
Uncertain and slackU
The warm wind breathes strong breathX
The dust dims mine eyeW
And I draw one long breathX
And stifle one sighW
Green slopes softly shadedY
Have flitted and fadedZ
My dreams flit as they didY
Good night and Good byeW
Lost rose end my storyR
Dead core and dry huskA2
Departed thy gloryR
And tainted thy muskA2
Night spreads her dark limbs onB2
The face of the dim sunF
So flame fades to crimsonF
And crimson to duskA2

Adam Lindsay Gordon


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