What's love?
I thought love's taking pictures, matchin' clothes
Wakin' to sweet morning texts ñ late night chats
Telling each other how we'd never leave
How'd stick by their side forever
In whatever situation
But it ain't so

Unending promises of adoration
Compassionate kisses and hugs
Getting harder to sleep every now and then
Might it be insomnia?
Aint it not suffering?
Destroying the inner self-The ego-

Building castles at night and reality hits you during the day
Relationships via the internet
They end up being relationshits
Break ups through WhatsApp statuses
Like a passing stratus

Whats this strong emotion that makes someone even kill?
Without even a chill,

I'm I in my own world or
I have lost it all
Does it bring its definition, love is evil
Its an angel or a devil
What's love?