The mystery of life is best to be narrated by non but who experiences it,
Years I spent in cage while seeing nothing beyound I face
All parts of my body work normally but what make me higher animal had been siezed,
Not known life its self is complicateed but the tools to straighten it is what to find,
Tools aren't on sale nor inherit
Life is a free world rather difficult to survive
Enemies become workaholic not to survive but to ruin my life
My Hopes become hopeless rather diabolic
I find my tools where i'm caged, while I use it at any angle I fly to
My feather is brighten while the cage is darken
My bird dwell in poverty not by nature rather by consanguine
Had it been I knew I would have refrained the cage earlier,
now i know the tools to survive is nothing but hard work with prayers,
Work without prayer leads to frustration
Prayer without work lead to self delude.