Is My Team Ploughing Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Is my team ploughingA
That I was used to driveB
And hear the harness jingleC
When I was man aliveB
Ay the horses trampleC
The harness jingles nowD
No change though you lie underE
The land you used to ploughD
Is football playingA
Along the river shoreF
With lads to chase the leatherE
Now I stand up no moreF
Ay the ball is flyingA
The lads play heart and soulG
The goal stands up the keeperE
Stands up to keep the goalG
Is my girl happyH
That I thought hard to leaveI
And has she tired of weepingA
As she lies down at eveI
Ay she lies down lightlyH
She lies not down to weepJ
Your girl is well contentedK
Be still my lad and sleepJ
Is my friend heartyH
Now I am thin and pineL
And has he found to sleep inM
A better bed than mineL
Yes lad I lie easyH
I lie as lads would chooseN
I cheer a dead man's sweetheartO
Never ask me whoseN

A. E. Housman


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