Farewell To Barn And Stack And Tree Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Farewell to barn and stack and treeA
Farewell to Severn shoreB
Terence look your last at meA
For I come home no moreB
The sun burns on the half mown hillC
By now the blood is driedD
And Maurice amongst the hay lies stillC
And my knife is in his sideD
My mother thinks us long awayE
'Tis time the field were mownF
She had two sons at rising dayE
To night she'll be aloneF
And here's a bloody hand to shakeG
And oh man here's good byeH
We'll sweat no more on scythe and rakeG
My bloody hands and IH
I wish you strength to bring you prideD
And a love to keep you cleanF
And I wish you luck come LammastideD
At racing on the greenF
Long for me the rick will waitD
And long will wait the foldD
And long will stand the empty plateD
And dinner will be coldD

A. E. Housman


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