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Yisrael613: Let's all not forget the Moshiach will come forth from Ruth, one of the most famous converts. Onkelos, Obadiah HaNavi, Rabbi Yochanan ben Torta, Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi, Bityah, Jethro, Rahab - all famous and very important converts.

diamonddarling: Tis a fearful thing to love To love what death can touch A fearful thing to love, to hope, to dream, ...A thing for fools, For your life is lived in me Your laugh once lifted me Your word was gift, me To remember this, brings painful joy Yehudah HaLevi (ca. 1075–1141)

drnelk: "My meadows are bathed in starlight..." Dream Visions, by Yehudah HaLevi trans. by GG Schmidt through by F Rosenzw...

rooster613: Yehudah Halevi (1065-1141) was one of the most gifted poets and philosophers of medieval Spain during the time of M...

WinterlightHome: 1923 Warsaw Chills me to the bone. How many people who touched that book survived what was coming?

Daniel_Knauf: Upon my dark-hued eyes he pressed His lips with breath of passion rare. The rogue! 'Twas not my eyes he kissed;...

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