The Sun Has Long Been Set Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The sun has long been setA
The stars are out by twos and threesB
The little birds are piping yetA
Among the bushes and the treesB
There's a cuckoo and one or two thrushesC
And a far off wind that rushesC
And a sound of water that gushesD
And the cuckoo's sovereign cryE
Fills all the hollow of the skyE
Who would go parading'E
In London and masquerading'E
On such a night of JuneF
With that beautiful soft half moonF
And all these innocent blissesD
On such a night as this isD

William Wordsworth


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tagembaby: UMM..... whats the main topic
Vidip anand: It is very easy poem

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