The Eagle And The Dove Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


SHADE of Caractacus if spirits loveA
The cause they fought for in their earthly homeB
To see the Eagle ruffled by the DoveA
May soothe thy memory of the chains of RomeB
These children claim thee for their sire the breathC
Of thy renown from Cambrian mountains fansD
A flame within them that despises deathC
And glorifies the truant youth of VannesD
With thy own scorn of tyrants they advanceD
But truth divine has sanctified their rageE
A silver cross enchased with flowers of FranceD
Their badge attests the holy fight they wageE
The shrill defiance of the young crusadeF
Their veteran foes mock as an idle noiseD
But unto Faith and Loyalty comes aidF
From Heaven gigantic force to beardless boysD

William Wordsworth


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