The Cuckoo-clock Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Wouldst thou be taught when sleep has taken flightA
By a sure voice that can most sweetly tellB
How far off yet a glimpse of morning lightA
And if to lure the truant back be wellB
Forbear to covet a Repeater's strokeC
That answering to thy touch will sound the hourD
Better provide thee with a Cuckoo clockE
For service hung behind thy chamber doorF
And in due time the soft spontaneous shockE
The double note as if with living powerD
Will to composure lead or make thee blithe as bird in bowerD
List Cuckoo Cuckoo oft tho' tempests howlG
Or nipping frost remind thee trees are bareH
How cattle pine and droop the shivering fowlG
Thy spirits will seem to feed on balmy airH
I speak with knowledge by that Voice beguiledI
Thou wilt salute old memories as they throngJ
Into thy heart and fancies running wildI
Through fresh green fields and budding groves amongK
Will make thee happy happy as a childI
Of sunshine wilt thou think and flowers and songJ
And breathe as in a world where nothing can go wrongJ
And know that even for him who shuns the dayL
And nightly tosses on a bed of painM
Whose joys from all but memory swept awayL
Must come unhoped for if they come againN
Know that for him whose waking thoughts severeO
As his distress is sharp would scorn my themeP
The mimic notes striking upon his earQ
In sleep and intermingling with his dreamP
Could from sad regions send him to a dearO
Delightful land of verdure shower and gleamP
To mock the 'wandering' Voice beside some haunted streamP
O bounty without measure while the graceR
Of Heaven doth in such wise from humblest springsS
Pour pleasure forth and solaces that traceR
A mazy course along familiar thingsS
Well may our hearts have faith that blessings comeT
Streaming from founts above the starry skyU
With angels when their own untroubled homeV
They leave and speed on nightly embassyW
To visit earthly chambers and for whomX
Yea both for souls who God's forbearance tryU
And those that seek his help and for his mercy sighU

William Wordsworth


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