Sonnets - Vi. - To...... Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Miss not the occasion by the forelock takeA
That subtile Power the never halting TimeB
Lest a mere moment's putting off should makeA
Mischance almost as heavy as a crimeB
Wait prithee wait this answer Lesbia threwC
Forth to her Dove and took no further heedD
Her eye was busy while her fingers flewC
Across the harp with soul engrossing speedD
But from that bondage when her thoughts were freedD
She rose and toward the close shut casement drewC
Whence the poor unregarded Favourite trueC
To old affections had been heard to pleadD
With flapping wing for entrance What a shriekE
Forced from that voice so lately tuned to a strainF
Of harmony a shriek of terror painF
And self reproach for from aloft a KiteG
Pounced and the Dove which from its ruthless beakE
She could not rescue perished in her sightG

William Wordsworth


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