Poor Robin Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now when the primrose makes a splendid showA
And lilies face the March winds in full blowA
And humbler growths as moved with one desireB
Put on to welcome spring their best attireB
Poor Robin is yet flowerless but how gayC
With his red stalks upon this sunny dayC
And as his tufts of leaves he spreads contentD
With a hard bed and scanty nourishmentE
Mixed with the green some shine not lacking powerB
To rival summer's brightest scarlet flowerB
And flowers they well might seem to passers byF
If looked at only with a careless eyeF
Flowers or a richer produce did it suitG
The season sprinklings of ripe strawberry fruitG
But while a thousand pleasures come unsoughtG
Why fix upon his wealth or want a thoughtG
Is the string touched in prelude to a layC
Of pretty fancies that would round him playC
When all the world acknowledged elfin swayC
Or does it suit our humour to commendG
Poor Robin as a sure and crafty friendG
Whose practice teaches spite of names to showA
Bright colours whether they deceive or noA
Nay we would simply praise the free good willH
With which though slighted he on naked hillH
Or in warm valley seeks his part to fillH
Cheerful alike if bare of flowers as nowI
Or when his tiny gems shall deck his browI
Yet more we wish that men by men despisedG
And such as lift their foreheads overprizedG
Should sometimes think where'er they chance to spyF
This child of Nature's own humilityG
What recompense is kept in store or leftG
For all that seem neglected or bereftG
With what nice care equivalents are givenJ
How just how bountiful the hand of HeavenJ

William Wordsworth


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