Hark! 'tis The Thrush, Undaunted, Undeprest Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Hark 'tis the Thrush undaunted undeprestA
By twilight premature of cloud and rainB
Nor does that roaring wind deaden his strainB
Who carols thinking of his Love and nestA
And seems as more incited still more blestA
Thanks thou hast snapped a fireside Prisoner's chainB
Exulting Warbler eased a fretted brainB
And in a moment charmed my cares to restA
Yes I will forth bold Bird and front the blastA
That we may sing together if thou wiltA
So loud so clear my Partner through life's dayA
Mute in her nest love chosen if not love builtA
Like thine shall gladden as in seasons pastA
Thrilled by loose snatches of the social LayA

William Wordsworth


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