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  • Australia's Pride
    Now Pat Ahearne, of Ingleburn
    Upon the Castlereagh,
    Was flush of cash and very "flash"
    As shearer-persons say. ...
  • Ough''a Phonetic Fantasy
    The baker-man was kneading dough
    And whistling softly, sweet and lough.

    Yet ever and anon he'd cough ...
  • Mulligan's Shanty
    Things is just the same as ever
    On the outer Never-Never,
    And you look to find the stock of liquor scanty,
    But we found things worse than ordin'ry, ...
  • The Guile Of Dad M'ginnis
    When M,Ginnis struck the mining camp at Jamberoora Creek
    His behaviour was appreciated highly;
    For, although he was a quiet man, in manner mild and meek,
    Not like ordinary swagmen with a monumental cheek, ...
  • The Shearer's Cook
    Now, shearers' cooks, as shearers know,
    Are very seldom wont to blow;
    But when I took to dabbing tar
    And "picking-up" on Blaringar, ...
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