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  • Dance With Me
    Dance With Me The moment I entered my eyes caught your face, When you looked back, my heart was sent into a never ending chase. Every step you take closer to me makes my heart beat so fast, How I wish that this moment just never ever goes past! The way you look at me sends a shiver down my spine, Your thoughts dr me crazy, they even make me rhyme. So tonight my darling, let us kick off our shoes, And dance with the melody, as we join in the blues. Tonight hold my hand and join me babe, don't say no, Join me tonight, lets dance till dawn on the dancing floor.

  • A Forehead Kiss
    A Forehead Kiss
    By William Lee Swafford
    A forehead kiss on her head means protection and respect.
    Which to whomever you love the most. ...
  • I Am Not The Best
    I Am Not The Best
    By William Lee Swafford

    I am not the best. ...
  • There's No Way
    There's no way.
    By William Lee Swafford
    Hold me tight in your arms, 
    Look me in my eyes and tell me,  ...
  • Your Love Is Like A Rose
    By William Lee Swafford
    Your Love is like a rose.
    The start of it's growth.
    Is like the start of a relationship that begins. ...
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  • The love of a man to a woman is something special when the words come from the heart.
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