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William Strode Books, William Strode poetry book The Collected Works of William Morris Authors: William Morris, May Morris
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published Date: 2012-10-11
Categories: Literary Criticism
A creative titan of the Victorian age, William Morris (1834-96) produced a prodigious variety of literary and artistic work in his lifetime. In addition to his achievements as a versatile designer at the forefront of the arts and crafts movement, Morris distinguished himself as a poet, translated Icelandic sagas and classical epics, wrote a series of influential prose romances, and gave lectures promoting his socialist principles. His collected works, originally published in 24 volumes between 1910 and 1915, were edited by his daughter Mary (May) Morris (1862-1938), whose introductions to each volume chart with insight and sympathy the development of her father's literary, aesthetic and political passions. Volume 17 contains the fantasy novels The Wood Beyond the World (1894) and Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair (1895) as well as prose and verse translations of medieval French texts (1893-4).

William Strode Books, William Strode poetry book William Penn's Own Account of the Lenni Lenape Or Delaware Indians Authors: William Penn
Publisher: B B& A Publishers
Published Date: 1970
Categories: Delaware Indians
In 1683, ten months after his arrival in America, William Penn wrote this now-famous sketch of Lenni Lenape Society. An acute observer, he was interested in all facets of Indian culture, and his account ranges from descriptions of the Indians' daily lives through discussions of their religious and moral views. Penn interpreted their mode of living with understanding, sympathy and, on occasion, even wistful envy. This edition includes the texts of several early Indian treaties and related documents.

William Strode Books, William Strode poetry book Yard Sale Authors: Marlene Mitchell, William Strode
Publisher: Bearhead Pub
Published Date: 2007-06
Categories: Fiction
A riveting story that carries the reader through three generations and three sales. You can sell off your possessions, but the Franklin and Holloway families come to realize that it is the people you love and who love you that are important. Meet Henry Franklin, a deceitful, self-centered man, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It is his greed that almost destroys his family and ultimately leads to the first yard sale. As the story unfolds, you will come to love the wit and humor of Lou Jean, the caring nature of Anna, whose dedication to her husband and family create a need for a yard sale. Colleen is the third generation forced to make the ultimate decision to sell off all of her possessions. Along the way, you will encounter an array of interesting characters that help to enrich the story. Each chapter will bring you closer into their lives and you will remember them long after you read the last page.

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