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For other uses, see William Strode (disambiguation). Relief sculpture of William Strode (1594-1645), MP, detail from mural monument in St Mary's Church, Plympton, of his father Sir William Strode (d.1637) of Newnham

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William Strode Poems

  • A Strange Gentlewoman Passing By His Window
    As I out of a casement sent
    Mine eyes as wand'ring as my thought,
    Upon no certayne object bent,
    But only what occasion brought, ...
  • On The Death Of A Twin
    Where are yee now, Astrologers, that looke
    For petty accidents in Heavens booke?
    Two Twins, to whom one Influence gave breath,
    Differ in more than Fortune, Life and Death. ...
  • To A Valentine
    Faire Valentine, since once your welcome hand
    Did cull mee out wrapt in a paper band,
    Vouchsafe the same hand still, to shew thereby
    That Fortune did your will no injury: ...
  • On The Death Of Sir Rowland Cotton Seconding That Of Sir Robert
    More Cottons yet? O let not envious Fate
    Attempt the Ruine of our growing State.
    O had it spar'd Sir Rowland, then might wee
    Have almost spar'd Sir Robert's Library. ...
  • A Riddle: On A Kiss
    What thing is that, nor felt nor seene
    Till it bee given? a present for a Queene:
    A fine conceite to give and take the like:
    The giver yet is farther for to seeke; ...
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Death 24 Love 18 I Love You 18 Life 17 Good 15 Long 15 Breath 15 Light 12 Heart 12 Body 12

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  • Artisthogarth: the strode family
  • Botzonecuba: william... strode all the way to brighton & hove. with a knife,, and a clanging jar of jam.
  • Artisthogarth: the strode family, 1742
  • Harrywatson63: my wordle score as the number of people in a painting. today it's 'the strode family' by william hogarth, whose early success as a painter came from informal group portraits. here the subject is william strode with his new wife lady anne cecil and other family and friends.
  • Dailydocumerica: photographer: william strode, 1972-09
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