William Stafford Long Poems

  • 1.
    Time tells them. They go along touching
    the grass, the feathery ends. When it feels
    just so, they start the mowing machine,
    leaving the land its long windrows,
  • 2.
    The light by the barn that shines all night
    pales at dawn when a little breeze comes.

    A little breeze comes breathing the fields
  • 3.
    You will never be alone, you hear so deep
    a sound when autumn comes. Yellow
    pulls across the hills and thrums,
    or the silence after lightening before it says
  • 4.
    Sometimes in the open you look up
    where birds go by, or just nothing,
    and wait. A dim feeling comes
  • 5.
    When I face north a lost Cree
    on some new shore puts a moccasin down,
    rock in the light and noon for seeing,
    he in a hurry and I beside him
  • 6.
    My family slept those level miles
    but like a bell rung deep till dawn
    I drove down an aisle of sound,
    nothing real but in the bell,
  • 7.
    Day after day up there beating my wings
    with all the softness truth requires
    I feel them shrug whenever I pause:
    they class my voice among tentative things,
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