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  • Walking West
    Anyone with quiet pace who
    walks a gray road in the West
    may hear a badger underground where
    in deep flint another time is ...
  • Waking At 3 A.m.
    Even in the cave of the night when you
    wake and are free and lonely,
    neglected by others, discarded, loved only
    by what doesn't matter--even in that ...
  • Bi-focal
    Sometimes up out of this land
    a legend begins to move.
    Is it a coming near
    of something under love? ...
  • An Oregon Message
    When we first moved here, pulled
    the trees in around us, curled
    our backs to the wind, no one
    had ever hit the moonâ??no one. ...
  • Bess
    Ours are the streets where Bess first met her
    cancer. She went to work every day past the
    secure houses. At her job in the library
    she arranged better and better flowers, and when ...
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  • Staffordsport: may holiday clubs blessed william howard school, monday 30th may - wednesday 1st june 2022 (weekdays only) 8.30am-5.30pm £19 or 10am-4pm £16
  • Zoompad: i went to the william daly library in stafford to try to get information about chadswell assessment centre rocester, which apparently has been demolished. i was met with hostility. i need to go to see the place where i was abused, i've asked loads of people to help me, but noone
  • Wfathletics: 5d regional 1/4 final boys soccer: william fleming vs. north stafford may 26, 2022 6:00pm $8 tickets via ticket spicket (no cash accpetd at the gate)
  • Welfordwrites: wisdom is having things right in your life and knowing why. william stafford
  • Yurikaoru_chan: for instance in william stafford s poem traveling through the dark he writes about finding a deer dead on the side of the road at night.
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