Rhymes And Rhythms - Xviii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When you wake in your cribB
You an inch of experienceC
Vaulted aboutD
With the wonder of darknessE
Wailing and strivingF
To reach from your feeblenessE
Something you feelG
Will be good to and cherish youH
Something you knowI
And can rest upon blindlyJ
O then a handK
Your mother's your mother'sE
By the fall of its fingersE
All knowledge all power to youH
Out of the drearyJ
Discouraging strangenessesE
Comes to and masters youH
Takes you and lovinglyJ
Woos you and soothes youH
Back as you cling to itL
Back to some comfortingF
Corner of sleepM
So you wake in your bedN
Having lived having lovedO
But the shadows are thereP
And the world and its kingdomsE
Incredibly fadedQ
And you grope in the TerrorR
Above you and underR
For the light for the warmthS
The assurance of lifeT
But the blasts are ice bornU
And your heart is nigh burstV
With the weight of the gloomW
And the stress of your strangledX
And desperate endeavourR
Sudden a handK
Mother O MotherR
God at His best to youH
Out of the roaringF
Impossible silencesE
Falls on and urges youH
Mightily tenderlyJ
Forth as you clutch at itL
Forth to the infiniteY
Peace of the GraveZ

William Ernest Henley


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