In Hospital - Vii - Vigil Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lived on one's backA
In the long hours of reposeB
Life is a practical nightmareC
Hideous asleep or awakeD
Shoulders and loinsB
Ache and the mattressB
Run into boulders and hummocksB
Glows like a kiln while the bedclothesB
Tumbling importunate daftE
Ramble and roll and the gasB
Screwed to its lowermostE
An inevitable atom of lightE
Haunts and a stertorous sleeperF
Snores me to hate and despairC
All the old timeG
Surges malignant before meH
Old voices old kisses old songsB
Blossom derisive about meH
While the new daysB
Pass me in endless processionI
A pageant of shadowsB
Silently leeringly wendingJ
On and still on still onK
Far in the stillness a catE
Languishes loudly A cinderF
Falls and the shadowsB
Lurch to the leap of the flame The next man to meH
Turns with a moan and the snorerF
The drug like a rope at his throatE
Gasps gurgles snorts himself free as the night nurseB
Noiseless and strangeL
Her bull's eye half lanterned in apronI
Whispering me 'Are ye no sleepin' yet '-
Passes list slippered and peeringJ
Round and is goneM
Sleep comes at lastE
Sleep full of dreams and misgivingsB
Broken with brutal and sordidE
Voices and sounds that impose on meH
Ere I can wake to itE
The unnatural intolerable dayE

William Ernest Henley


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