Etching Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Two and thirty is the ploughmanA
He's a man of gallant inchesB
And his hair is close and curlyC
And his beardD
But his face is wan and sunkenA
And his eyes are large and brilliantE
And his shoulder blades are sharpF
And his kneesG
He is weak of wits religiousH
Full of sentiment and yearningI
Gentle faded with a coughJ
And a snoreK
When his wife who was a widowL
And is many years his elderM
Fails to write and that is alwaysN
He despondsN
Let his melancholy wanderM
And he'll tell you pretty storiesN
Of the women that have wooed himO
Long agoL
Or he'll sing of bonnie lassesN
Keeping sheep among the heatherM
With a crackling hackling clickP
In his voiceN

William Ernest Henley


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