The House Of Prayer. - Mark Xi.17. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Thy mansion is the Christian's heartA
O Lord thy dwelling place secureB
Bid the unruly throng departA
And leave the consecrated doorC
Devoted as it is to theeD
A thievish swarm frequents the placeE
They steal away my joys from meD
And rob my Saviour of his praiseF
There too a sharp designing tradeG
Sin Satan and the world maintainH
Nor cease to press me and persuadeG
To part with ease and purchase painH
I know them and I hate their dinI
Am weary of the bustling crowdJ
But while their voice is heard withinI
I cannot serve thee as I wouldK
Oh for the joy thy presence givesL
What peace shall reign when thou art hereM
Thy presence makes this den of thievesN
A calm delightful house of prayerO
And if thou make thy temple shineP
Yet self abased will I adoreC
The gold and silver are not mineP
I give thee what was thine beforeC

William Cowper


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