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Thomas Campion (sometimes Campian; 12 February 1567 – 1 March 1620) was an English composer, poet, and physician. He was born in London, educated at Cambridge, studied law in Gray's inn. He wrote over a hundred lute songs, masques for dancing, and an authoritative technical treatise on music.


Campion was born in London, the son of John Campion, a clerk of the Court of Chancery, and Lucy (née Searle – daughter of Laurence Searle, one of the Queen's serjeants-at-arms). Upon the death of Campion's father in 1576, his mother married Augustine Steward, dying soon afterwards. His stepfather assumed charge of the boy and sent him, in 1581, to study at Peterhouse, Cambridge as a "gentleman pensioner"; he left the university after four years without taking a degre...
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Thomas Campion Poems

  • Winter Nights Enlarge
    Now winter nights enlarge
    The number of their hours,
    And clouds their storms discharge
    Upon the airy towers. ...
  • Thrice Toss Those Oaken Ashes In The Air
    Thrice toss those oaken ashes in the air;
    Thrice sit thou mute in this enchanted chair;
    Then thrice three times tie up this true love's knot,
    And murmur soft: "She will, or she will not." ...
  • The Garden
    There is a garden in her face,
    Where roses and white lilies grow;
    A heavenly paradise is that place,
    Wherein all pleasant fruits do flow. ...
  • The Measure Of Beauty
    Give Beauty all her right,
    She's not to one form tied;
    Each shape yields fair delight,
    Where her perfections bide: ...
  • View Me, Lord, A Work Of Thine
    View me, Lord, a work of thine!
    Shall I then lie downed in night?
    Might thy grace in me but shine,
    I should seem made all of light. ...
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I Love You 15 Love 15 Beauty 13 Sweet 8 Heaven 7 Music 7 Heart 7 Delight 6 Time 6 White 6

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Campion_conway: review: a tempest at sea by sherry thomas
Campion_conway: you will want me when i disappear
Raineyendowed: the medallion also played campion and won 40 0 with tries from joel (2), luke, max, thomas and jude. jude kicked 4 conversions and connor kicked one.
Jaguarjin: there is a garden in her face where roses and white lilies grow; a heav'nly paradise is that place wherein all pleasant fruits do flow. there cherries grow which none may buy, till "cherry ripe" themselves do cry. thomas campion (1567-1620)
Campion_conway: review: a tempest at sea by sherry thomas
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