Long I Thought That Knowledge Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


LONG I thought that knowledge alone would suffice me O if I couldA
but obtain knowledgeB
Then my lands engrossed me Lands of the prairies Ohio's land theC
southern savannas engrossed me For them I would live I wouldA
be their oratorD
Then I met the examples of old and new heroes I heard of warriorsE
sailors and all dauntless persons And it seemed to me that IF
too had it in me to be as dauntless as any and would be soG
And then to enclose all it came to me to strike up the songs of theC
New World And then I believed my life must be spent inH
But now take notice land of the prairies land of the southJ
savannas Ohio's landK
Take notice you Kanuck woods and you Lake Huron and all that withL
you roll toward Niagara and you Niagara alsoG
And you Californian mountains That you each and all find somebodyM
else to be your singer of songsN
For I can be your singer of songs no longer One who loves me isO
jealous of me and withdraws me from all but loveP
With the rest I dispense I sever from what I thought would sufficeQ
me for it does not it is now empty and tasteless to meM
I heed knowledge and the grandeur of The States and the example ofP
heroes no moreR
I am indifferent to my own songs I will go with him I loveP
It is to be enough for us that we are together We never separateS

Walt Whitman


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