Adieu To A Solider Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Adieu O soldierA
You of the rude campaigning which we sharedB
The rapid march the life of the campC
The hot contention of opposing fronts the long manoeuverA
Red battles with their slaughter the stimulus the strong terrific gameD
Spell of all brave and manly hearts the trains of Time through you and like of you all fill'dE
With war and war's expressionF
Adieu dear comradeG
Your mission is fulfill'd but I more warlikeH
Myself and this contentious soul of mineI
Still on our own campaigning boundJ
Through untried roads with ambushes opponents linedK
Through many a sharp defeat and many a crisis often baffledL
Here marching ever marching on a war fight out aye hereA
To fiercer weightier battles give expressionF

Walt Whitman


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