Wakanya Opondo Poems

  • 1.
    They talk it about,
    Sing about it,
    Play with it,
    Go crazy it about,
  • 2.
    A shining golden red flower,
    On the thin twisted stem,
    Handicapped on the soil,
    With chains of manure around it,
  • 3.
    We cry out for help loud,
    But getting no aid,
    For our voice is voiceless.

  • 4.
    Don’t leave me,
    I may get lost,
    Lost in the way,
    For I can’t back track,
  • 5.
    Our lives all giving to God,
    With everything searching God,
    First putting God in life,
    Humbly obeying His voice.
  • 6.
    LORD Almighty God,
    Before knelled,
    Full of tears,
    In prayers,
  • 7.
    Trying to communicate,
    But they can’t see.
    Dropping lines like a rapper,
    But can’t differentiate other.
  • 8.
    Invisible attacking enemy,
    From it can’t run away,
    The epidemic to escape,
    By all mean to overcome.
  • 9.
    Experiencing new beginning,
    Revival out breaking,
    Holy Ghost been poured,
    Spreading moves of God.
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