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  • Know God ……. 1
    Keenly going back into history,
    Bible in hands ready to peruse ready,
    Connected be with God every day,
    More of the LORD wants to know. ...
  • Presidential Surprise Visit
    Car hooting at a distance,
    As near approaches the motorcade,
    Escorted in front by powerful motorcycle,
    Car behind guided by the police. ...
  • Son Of God
    Jesus walking on water,
    Over gravity having power,
    Couldn’t hold Him nature,
    Feeding multiple crowds of people. ...
  • Mind Slave
    How hungry are we for money?
    Given to us money freely,
    With a price tag of blood,
    Of innocent lives hard in tacked. ...
  • Blood Money
    With a knife on his hand,
    Was not thinking clear in mind,
    Money given carried away brains,
    Corrupted by canning politician words. ...
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  • The best revenge of your critics is good results.
  • Even if you didn't start well you will finish well if you seek the LORD.
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