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  • Slavery Days. B
    Remember that fitfully day,
    Taken away into slavery,
    Without been given a chance,
    Dragged out of home existence. ...
  • . Bold Truth .
    Haha! Not a laughing matter,
    Though seems to them a joker,
    Constructing rays of power words,
    Meanless thrown in bins. ...
  • New Heart
    Teach my heart to follow YOU,
    Only to depend on YOU,
    Thirsting more to know YOU,
    Make me new creature in YOU. ...
  • Little Awhile.
    Have faith in the LORD,
    Trusting God till end,
    For He will never fails us,
    Nor will He forsaken us. ...
  • Numb Love
    Would love make sense to you!
    If I told you I LOVE YOU,
    Conveying my whole heart to you,
    Leaving non for me all for you. ...
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  • The best revenge of your critics is good results.
  • Even if you didn't start well you will finish well if you seek the LORD.
  • What hurt are the unseen that pain to the core of heart.
  • A silent mind is the dangerous anything can occur in the course of thinking..
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