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LRBbookshop: "whoever the mysterious 'depositor' was - whether one person or a syndicate - we can safely say that he preferred Marianne Moore to Robert Frost, and had no time for Vachel Lindsay. furthermore, no invoices were ever included in the boxes."

fluencymark: I notoced this in the Wikipedia entry on Vachel Lindsay: “His poetry, though, lacked elements which encouraged the attention of academic scholarship, and, after his death, he became an obscure figure.” For me, this is certainly a recommendation.

ILhistory: This Sunday 8/11/19 at the Vachel Lindsay House in Springfield - The “Greatest Poem”: Walt Whitman Turns 200 – IL Humanities

everwood_lynn: The sun is an eagle old,  There in the windless west.  Atop of the spirit-cliffs  He builds him a crimson nest." –Vachel Lindsay (1879–1931)

percivalperkins: By Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, in Forum, 1914.

Bolano_ebooks: The man who's one of the belated, like the great Vachel Lindsay.

jacobjbews: yeah so Vachel Lindsay..

coxonkeys: Chicago fans loved Anson: The Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay remembered him as "our darling, pet and pride." ~Baseball: An Illustrated History

actuallyondirt: I wonder if im more famous than Vachel Lindsay yet loljk

ebrandom: Vachel Lindsay, back when the world was young

LoveYouMom888: I am unjust, but I can strive for justice. My life's unkind, but I can vote for kindness. Vachel Lindsay

viejacale: Vachel Lindsay Association The Congo

MelanieJaxn: O dandelion, rich and haughty, King of village flowers! Each day is coronation time, You have no humble hours. -Vachel Lindsay

RickStonish: The Spider And The Ghost Of The Fly Poem by Vachel Lindsay - Poem Hunter

Boiarski: In May of 1912, Vachel Lindsay walks from Springfield, IL all the way to CA, trading poetry for meals and lodging, welcomed into homes across America, preaching his poet's "Gospel of Beauty." the church of beauty or the church of the open sky, 2Rules: love of beauty, love of God

VIgnatowitsch: All I can bring is one more song. Though I have brought you a thousand So it will be till my life is done. I would set right the old world's wrong; I would outbuild New York and Rome. But all I can bring home Is one more song. Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931)

Bolano_ebooks: The taxi leaves and the foreground, which thus becomes not just any hell -- the great Vachel Lindsay.

AngeliqueTirona: The Little Turtle By: Vachel Lindsay

mmendelsohn3: "The Moon's the North Wind's cooky. He bites it, day by day, Until there's but a rim of scraps, That crumble all away. "The South Wind is a baker. He kneads clouds in his den, And bakes a crisp new moon that...greedy North...Wind...eats...again!" --Vachel Lindsay

HedgehogSonnet: The Leaden Eyed By Vachel Lindsay

Profepps: "We have buried him now," thought your foes, and in secret rejoiced. They made a brave show of their mourning, thei...

RodneyDavis: Glad to visit Vachel Lindsay Elementary School in Springfield today to talk to 60 fourth graders about my job as a...

God14Peace: Dorothy Scarborough came in contact with many writers in New York:Edna Ferber and Vachel Lindsay. She taught creati...

Onewing94: Springfield, Illinois has some great things happening with written and spoken word... Vachel Lindsay House has Poet...

IAMSUZART: They tried to get me, I got them first -Vachel Lindsay

jishifruit: So.. it looks like The Congo by Vachel Lindsay is still being used as the piece for speech choirs in high school. W...

audiobookzone: Audiobook Vachel Lindsay - The Moon is a Painter


Onewing94: Vachel Lindsay House Springfield Illinois what a great tour.if your a writer,a poet and art lover make the time to...

VLH603: "Vachel Lindsay" by James Shay. Displayed at the Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois.

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