Forever Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oh my foreverA
When the world was a empty shellB
You walked into my life to make it all wellB
I saw that glimpse of you as my girlC
And my mind decided to whirlC
Oh my foreverA
Your words were the spike of my lifeD
Then i just knew its time for my heart to ripeE
Journey of mine and yours was completeF
Before the destiny decided to competeF
Oh my foreverA
Thunder storm was expected anytimeG
I was not so powerful to stop this timeG
Life became a formality with timeG
I lost my race against timeG
Oh my foreverA
Now heart prays all the whileH
A dream to cherish that complete smileH
Next journey will be complete without any hiccups in the middleI
We will get an answer to destinys riddleI
Oh my foreverA
Another lifetime things will fall in placeJ
Will be mightier to win the raceJ
We will meet there to live it againK
You will be my forever once againK

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