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  • 1.
    The world spoke to him yesterday
    And he came to me to interpret the world's language,
    it were laughter sounds from the world
    that I said to him;
  • 2.
    And yet today,
    I woke up committed to write,
    but I just have a blank paper with no ink to atleast spell my name.
    It's dark and the moth is lighting my paper.
  • 3.
    I must say, I have been hiding inside the mask of solitude, thinking it's where I will find peace but it's now breaking me,
    I have hid away from love but everyday I want to be loved, I want to feel how it is to be loved by a complete stranger that turns into a companion then a soulmate, I also want to write about my love life for you to just read and say finally she got what she longed for. I also want the random rose flowers just for a goodnight.
    And I will take a nap in my mind and once again search for the meaning of my life, I will tell myself I tried . Atleast I wanted life my own way.

  • 4.
    Like a rose plant that bears flowers all season
    Is she to me?
    To us.
    A white rose so pure beyond perfection;
  • 5.
    Yesterday I hired a Chinese interpreter,
    and i was speaking to the young generation in my village.
    Of the future being bright
    and the perfections it holds,
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