Who is Tapiwanaishe Pamacheche

Tapiwanaishe Pamacheche. An activist through writing. Inspired to change the social reek and rancidity. ...
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Tapiwanaishe Pamacheche Poems

  • Ballerina Girl
    Lord knows she was
    Ease in her moves
    Toes torn apart
    Sophisticated and agile ...
  • Ballerina
    Mother she is peaceful when she moves,
    in silence of friction,
    a revolving socket.
    Flies like a bird I dream to catch her, ...
  • Be
    Grow inside me and take roots,
    Live with me and be rooted,
    Be love in the shadow of
    The day ...
  • Human Society
    Human society is sick.
    Blazing guns like shooting
    While piercing, leaving pieces ...
  • Africa
    Identify me as black,
    Am I an African?
    Classify me as white,
    Am I an African? ...
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Tapiwanaishe Pamacheche Quotes

  • It echoes deeply into my soul, like still waters running deep. Thus the world can reach its moral principle if they go back to the manual and God
  • I want to see the world In a better light, Perhaps if you not willing To walk with me, I suppose we can part ways
  • Authors spell their lives in absurdity Poets use nature to deprive Audience from knowing their True nature. Preachers hide their pervetism in gowns Actors are hypocrites on stage.
  • I suppose we were just selfish people who want selfless love
  • I loved her like a queen, She been a slave for a long time She could not adjust to the New norm
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