Trumbull Stickney Alone Poems

  • 1.
    I hear a river thro' the valley wander
    Whose water runs, the song alone remaining.
    A rainbow stands and summer passes under.

  • 2.
    Leave him now quiet by the way
    To rest apart.
    I know what draws him to the dust alway
    And churns him in the builder's lime:
  • 3.
    It 's autumn in the country I remember.

    How warm a wind blew here about the ways!
    And shadows on the hillside lay to slumber
  • 4.
    How strange that here is nothing as it was!
    The sward is young and new,
    The sod there shapes a different mass,
    The random trees stand other than I knew.
  • 5.
    Alone on Lykaion since man hath been
    Stand on the height two columns, where at rest
    Two eagles hewn of gold sit looking East
    Forever; and the sun goes down between.
  • 6.
    And, the last day being come, Man stood alone
    Ere sunrise on the world's dismantled verge,
    Awaiting how from everywhere should urge
    The Coming of the Lord. And, behold, none
  • 7.
    That day her eyes were deep as night.
    She had the motion of the rose,
    The bird that veers across the light,
    The waterfall that leaps and throws
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