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Joseph Trumbull Stickney (June 20, 1874 – October 11, 1904) was an American classical scholar and poet.

He was born in Geneva and spent much of his early life in Europe. He attended Harvard University from 1891, when he became editor of the Harvard Monthly and a member of Signet society, to 1895, when he graduated magna cum laude. He then studied for seven years in Paris, taking a doctorate at the Sorbonne. He wrote there two dissertations, a Latin one on the Venetian humanist Ermolao Barbaro, and the other on Les Sentences dans la Poésie Grecque d'Homère à Euripide. The latter is openly indebted to The Birth of Tragedy and to Stickney's study of the Bhagavad Gita under the tutelage of Sylvain Lévi. Stickney's was the first American docteur ès...
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Trumbull Stickney Poems

  • Loneliness
    These autumn gardens, russet, gray and brown,
    The sward with shrivelled foliage strown,
    The shrubs and trees
    By weary wings of sunshine overflown ...
  • I Hear A River Thro' The Valley Wander
    I hear a river thro' the valley wander
    Whose water runs, the song alone remaining.
    A rainbow stands and summer passes under.
  • Service
    Chide me not, darling, that I sing
    Familiar thoughts and metres old:
    Nay, do not scold
    My spirit's childish uttering. ...
  • On Some Shells Found Inland
    These are my murmur-laden shells that keep
    A fresh voice tho' the years be very gray.
    The wave that washed their lips and tuned their lay
    Is gone, gone with the faded ocean sweep, ...
  • You Say, Columbus With His Argosies
    You say, Columbus with his argosies
    Who rash and greedy took the screaming main
    And vanished out before the hurricane
    Into the sunset after merchandise, ...
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  • Welfordwrites: on some shells found inland, a poem by trumbull stickney. a sonnet about things found out of place. click the link!
  • Fluencymark: reading scott donaldson’s magnificent biography of edwin arlington robinson, interested to discover that the only critic who understood ear’s captain craig (1902) was the great young poet trumbull stickney, dead shortly after of a brain tumor.
  • Welfordwrites: on some shells found inland, a poem by trumbull stickney. a sonnet about things found out of place. click the link!
  • Hibernoway: last week we encountered great names such as: trumbull stickney bliss carman beulah dix who will we meet this week? live reading wikipedia in ten minutes.
  • Consertum: mnemosyne / trumbull stickney
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