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TomHanksQuote: Hello! Here is a random Tom Hanks movie quote to raise your spirits: "Well, as with anything, if you want to believe you can find reasons to." -Tom Hanks (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)

itsdlisted: Here's The Trailer For Wes Anderson's "Asteroid City" Featuring Twee Pastels Galore And A Silver Fox Tom Hanks

consequence: Here's our first look at Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman, Steve Carell, Scarlett Johansson, and Jeffrey Wright in Wes Anderson's Asteroid City:

CINEMA505: Scarlett Johansson, Jason Schwartzman, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright e Maya Hawke em ‘Asteroid City’, novo filme de Wes Anderson.

wmag: The actress joins Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, and more stars in Wes Anderson's latest film.

awbckett: thinking about tom hanks in wes anderson's asteroid city (2023)

ZacharyKocanda: Tom Hanks please continue to satisfy your twee compulsions by being in Wes Anderson movies and leave the short stories to us losers who can’t act.

DiscussingFilm: First look at Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Maya Hawke and Steve Carell in Wes Anderson’s ‘ASTEROID CITY’.

GeekVibesNation: Wes Anderson's next film 'ASTEROID CITY' gets a new poster The film stars Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Cranston, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Steve Carell, Margot Robbie, and Wille Dafoe

labir: Tom Cruise, Jhonny deep, Tom Hanks y Jared Leto


videocrime: Tom Hanks "he's white" scene but for Hall and Oates

metalrulestv: Check out The Terminal Movie Promo Poster Tom Hanks Catherine Zeta-Jones Steven Spielberg

titominda: Tom Hanks

DiscussingFilm: Wes Anderson’s ‘ASTEROID CITY’ will premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May. Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Adrien Brody, Maya Hawke, Steve Carell, Hong Chau, Willem Dafoe & Tony Revolori will star in the film.

donwinslow: Tom Hanks Talks The ‘Incredibly Important Movie’ From His Career That He Says No One Ever References

NSQE: People are dunking on this, but Tom Hanks was lauded to the ends of the earth for carrying Castaway predominantly without dialogue, on the strength of his emoting. Keanu's been unfairly called wooden his whole career: he carries four movies through his own charisma and acting.

badniggafela: Tom hanks is definitely the greatest of his generation. Total class actor.

MinnelliArchive: Tom Hanks, Liza Minnelli, Elaine Stritch, Bernadette Peters, and Martin Short at Stritch’s “farewell” show at the Café Carlyle in NYC, c. 2013.

g1lbee: Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump Billy Bob Thornton in Slingblade Best acting performances ever.

emperorceasar12: Best Tom Hanks movie ever, idc what anyone says.

MALTVEGAS: Tom oddly looks like Tom Hanks

YakubsTopGuy: A movie similar to 'Groundhog Day' where Bill Murray plays Derek Chauvin and he repeatedly kills George Floyd until he can work stuff out with his estranged wife and set the universe right. George Floyd would be played by blackface Tom Hanks

haleyemo: he also started explaining the plot of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind to me. like.. maybe a terribly executed attempt to gaslight me into believing we’re soulmates and i forgot. also he said tom hanks was in that movie and i did not correct him

TheKazooHero: A behind the scenes photo of John Candy, Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy, and Daryl Hannah during the filming of SPLASH (1984).


OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "The greatest sins in human history have been committed in the name of love". Tom Hanks (Inferno)

Trish_T: Ohhh tea. I read that too fast thinking she was talking about Tom Hanks.

TomHanksQuote: Hello! Here is a random Tom Hanks movie quote to bring joy to your day: "We're all God's animated cartoons." -Tom Hanks (Punchline)

Bogeyilsa: March 26 1986 THE MONEY PIT opens. Dir. Richard Benjamin. Elaborately engineered set pieces dominate broadly comic remake of a 1948 Cary Grant film with Tom Hanks & Shelley Long as young couple whose newly purchased "dream" house starts to fall apart before their very eyes.

spfarrelltweets: Presenting "The Madison!" Inspired by Disney's 1984 Ron Howard hit "Splash," starring Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah, it's an angus beef burger topped with pineapple as a nod to Hannah's flowing blonde hair, loganberry drizzle as a nod to Tom Hank's job as a fruit vendor in the movie.

justkelly_ok: Ugh, it’s like every other week we’re reminded that being a fan of male celebs is not the move. :( There are only two male actors that would legit surprise and disappoint me if allegations came out: Keanu and Tom Hanks.

LarribiteLuis: Tom Hanks

BillTouspille: Yo is that Tom Hanks?

GlenntheGolden1: The plot summary of this Tom Hanks led satanic panic movie Mazes and Monsters sure sounds pretty crazy. Good thing no other teenage killers, especially those in Columbine, Colorado, had fantasies about the World Trade Center. The movie is a 1982 release, by the way.

TYTarantino: This man tryna prove he black by taking pictures with random old niggas in it lmao. You won’t fool me Tom Hanks son

JeremyLottle: Tom Hanks will be starting as the Antagonist in the new movie The Batman

TotallyRealFak3: WHAT!! Tom Hanks hooked up in Tiger Mountain, where he has affair with Pedro Pascal!!!

venussblessing: elvis was good but would have been better with so much less tom hanks

NeedBirds: Tom Hanks played some real tough nuts back in the 90s.

HatchRyan: What is your favorite Tom Hanks movie?

xjackiebbx: do you think tom hanks and bill murray look like the same person

vlzxero: tom hanks got the kind of covid that gives you acute brain damage and combined with playing tom parker in elvis during that time i'm shocked he hasn't slipped into a psychosis

GloryusFailure: This Nicholas Cage movie ends how the that Tom Hanks Movie (Sully) begins

Iron_Spike: Also: Tom Hanks did not take a salary for Forrest Gump, and instead contracted for a ~5% percent share of the film's gross receipts. The movie ended up making nearly $680 million at the box office (in 1994 dollars!).

TheShark1053: Tom Hanks Will Give Commencement Speech in MA This Spring

TheEmmaDoodle: I think the reason that Tom Hanks remains a beloved figure in American culture is because his face looks like a composite sketch of every good man that ever lived.

MorgG33: Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that someday Tom Hanks will adopt me

WAYNETHEFREAK17: 1. Keanu Reeves 2. Hugh Jackman 3. Tom Hanks 4. Pedro Pascal 5. Chris Hemsworth 6. Adam Sandler 7. Idris Elba 8. Morgan Freeman 9. Robert Pattinson 10. Robert De Niro 11. Chris Evans 12. Paul Rudd 13. Micheal B. Jordan 15. Daniel Radcliffe 16. Tom Hiddleston

949WHOM: Tom Hanks Will Give Commencement Speech in MA This Spring

abfkjabd: Tom Hanks vs Faith Hill, who would win in a fight?

jpartridge81: Volunteers 1985 Trailer HD | Tom Hanks | John Candy | Rita Wilson

jayriums: Anyone who read A Man Called Ove and loved it, it's an American adaptation and it's Tom Hanks

hunktears: new episode where I am once again taken to school on the subject of Tom Hanks video 4 patrons:

Totes3d: Tom Hanks swallows nothing after dropping acid in White Castle parking lot

celebritylove39: Yesterday Tom Hanks misses dookie

TextCooler: "I would have killed tom hanks" isnt even the funniest line in this.

spleenly: Tom Hanks is like if you went to work one day and everything went okay.

RealCaloJones: Hot take Tom Hanks sucks

LuciDracul: Or how about Tom Hanks’ connections to Jeffrey Epstein and his island? We all just gonna sweep that under the rug? That shit’s been buggin’ me for a while.

WhiskeyHel: Fetterman is in the same place as Tom Hanks

SethAbramovitch: Tom Hanks Became a Star in Drag on “Bosom Buddies”

Prolotario1: Remember when you look at the Jeffrey Epstein List alot of those people tested+ for Covid-19. Stephen Colbert tested+ Tom Hanks tested+ Jimmy Kimmel tested+ All these people were on Epstein Island. Only pedophiles are catching Covid-19. Understand now?

cartes_et: Tom Hanks signed You've Got Mail Movie Promo Photo JSA COA Vintage Auto B1069

SpaceCityTJ86: Road to Perdition is Tom Hanks hardest role.

celebritylove39: Yesterday Tom Hanks is in love with poo

DSMWcom: Tom Hanks to Deliver Commencement Address at Harvard

IDNTimes: Termasuk Catch Me If You Can

NewYorker: Tickets are on sale to see Tom Hanks and David Remnick at Symphony Space, in New York City, or virtually, wherever you are. Get yours:

knock_joe_mama: ayo who dis? hey, it's your neighbor tom hanks and i yee i love your fit

PnictogenHorses: one can choose anything as an anchor for oneself, though, in a strange place—it doesn't *need* to be "truth itself". it doesn't need to be anything abstract or spiritual at all. it could be an *object*. a volleyball, perhaps, like Tom Hanks's Wilson from "Cast Away". (cont'd)

SparkyBru: So all those on the Epstein Island logs…… where are you going too now? Biden Island, Tom Hanks pad in Greece, Rob Reiners Hollywood Pad, or some island in the Caribbean

TomHanksQuote: Welcome! Here is a random Tom Hanks movie quote to raise your spirits: "Are you crying? Are you crying?! There's no crying! There's no crying in baseball!" -Tom Hanks (A League of Their Own)

IamMikeRhone: Tom Hanks, Denzel, Leo, Don Cheadle. These 4 are the top!!

aboydleslie: My partner was only listening to the audio of this and asked “is that Tom Hanks??!” And now all I want is Tom Hanks in a shark movie

Totes3d: Tom Hanks swallows brand new yeezy’s after dropping acid in BoJangles parking lot

Prolotario1: During lockdown David Spade was heard talking how he would prepare for his downfall once Tom Hanks was arrested, charged, and convicted for many crimes involving pedophilia and human trafficking. He was basically the top of the pyramid. They knew it was over at that point.

laurieallee: Just watched popcorn movie Inferno where Tom Hanks saves the world from a pandemic in 3 days. The WHO in the film had high tech helicopters, agents w/guns & cool surveillance but our WHO, after 3 yrs & 6 million dead, can't say the level 3 biohazard is airborne or recommend N95s.

perpetualetrnl: Tom Villard is one of those dudes that died super young (40) with one iconic performance under his belt (Popcorn). He was literally a combination of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari, vibe-wise

jimmygreaves101: Oh and Sophie Trudeau never ever had Covid Same as Tom Hanks wife It was all a hoax to make people scared

marcvonbrau: Not buying Ford after watching Tom Hanks’ “A Man Called Otto”

emlittlefoot: 3 of 5 stars to Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

fox43: Tom Hanks named Harvard's 2023 commencement speaker

JeremyLottle: Tom Hanks will be starting as the Lead in the new movie The Batman

wxyzdetroit: Tom Hanks is headed to the Ivy League!

tv20detroit: Tom Hanks is headed to the Ivy League!

LEX18News: Tom Hanks is headed to the Ivy League! Harvard announced Hanks will be the principal speaker during the school’s 372nd commencement ceremony on May 25.

unusual_elk: whatever you think of the 2022 disney pinocchio movie, can we all agree that tom hanks geppetto just looks like such a friendly and funny guy

thoustruggler: matt damon and tom hanks always in the most random white nigga movies

13NewsNow: Harvard President Lawrence Bacow on Tuesday called Hanks “a true master of his craft.”

LukeBraunNFL: "Coach attends alabama pro day" is like reporting "tom hanks spotted at oscars". I am not learning anything from this

CapitalGamesPod: 15. That Thing You Do, dir. Tom Hanks That Thing You Do, dir. Tom Hanks (Kim/Wiz Review)

WGRZ: Harvard President Lawrence Bacow on Tuesday called Hanks “a true master of his craft.”

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get". Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)

TomHanksQuote: Hello! Here is a random Tom Hanks movie quote to make you smile: “I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?” -Tom Hanks (Cast Away)

KTVB: Tom Hanks named Harvard's 2023 commencement speaker

jrbotrbo: i hate matt damon, tom cruise n tom hanks

Penny03336931: does Tom Hanks have any whippets I'm stuntin'

celebritylove39: Tomorrow Tom Hanks doesn't approve of caca

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